Soap Bee Soap – Pembrokeshire Honey


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Soap Bee’s soap base is formulated using quality skin loving ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter and apricot kernel oil to effectively cleanse and condition your skin.

We’ve added raw Pembrokeshire honey to lock in even more moisture and create a soap bar suitable for the most sensitive skin. Fragrance free, ideal for face and body and all skin types.

  • Kind and nourishing for your skin
  • Plastic free
  • Handmade right here in Pembrokeshire

Why we love it:

We met Soap Bee at the very start of our Wild & Plastic Free journey and instantly made a great connection. Her products are incredible, they are kind, smell amazing, come completely plastic free, made right here in Pembrokeshire with top ingredients and we’ve never had a problem with the soaps drying our skin. So, we are extremely excited to now be stocking her fantastic handmade soaps, which are perfectly linked to our wild and heart ways, with many more soaps to come in the future.

Our top tips:

To help your soaps last longer, dry between uses.

We have personally found that using a soap bag, body buffer, or even a fannel helps the soap last longer. We just rub a good lather onto a body buffer and then apply it to the skin and found it lasted a lot longer than when we directly rubbed the soap onto our skin.


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