Steel Scourers 3-Pack


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A set of 3 galvanised steel scourers. Plastic free, reusable and recyclable heavy duty scourers. Sponge like cleaning pads, for tough removal of dirt. 

  • Anti-rust
  • Deep cleaning power, great for pots, pans and everyday cleaning.
  • Packaging recycled paper.
  • Made in Europe
  • 9.5cm

Do not use on non-stick pans. Store dry and clean

Why we love them:

Did you know that by using a classic sponge, with the scourer on the top (you know the ones), we have been unknowingly releasing microplastics that will end up in our oceans? I KNOW, SHOCKING! Almost all classic sponges are made of synthetic materials that shed into our waterways and they continue nasty chemicals too!  This is why we love this easy plastic-free swap. We combine them with our compostable sponges, coconut scourer, and dishwashing powder which together makes the perfect free kitchen sink. 



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